Hot Dogs

Traffic Light — $5.00
Ketchup, mustard and relish. Red, yellow, green, Get it!

Chili Mans Choice — $5.00
All beef dog with Reaper Madness Mustard, cheddar cheese and Chili! I choo-choo-choose it!

Mar-Matt-Lon — $5.00
Reaper Madness Mustard, Spetchup, cheddar cheese, Chili, and fresh cut red onions on a grilled dog! Three men, one dog to rule them all!

Q-Dog — $5.00
The dog that wants to be a pig. Vic’s homemade BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, slaw and onions. Mopping off your arm is up to you…I AIN’T YER MAMA!

Southern All The Way — $5.00
Mustard, ketchup, chili, slaw and onions. It’s got everything but the Daisy Dukes, Uncle Jesse!

Vinegar Bomb — $5.00
Reaper Madness Mustard, dill pickles and kraut! Pucker up, cupcake!

Naco Dog — $5.00
The dog that started the revolution! Grilled cheddar cheese, chili and Taco Juice. ½ dog, ½ taco, ½ nachos 150% AWESOME! (Ain’t math a HOOT!)

The Heroin — $5.00
See NACO DOG and add BBQ sauce and onions! Police will NOT harsh your mellow.

The Life Changer — $5.00
Not a Brag, just the truth (cause you CAN handle it!) Grilled cheddar, Reaper Madness Mustard, Taco Juice, chili, onion and jalapenos. Boom, you’re a better human!

Frito Pie Dog — $5.00
(As featured in Happenings Magazine!) Grilled cheddar, Taco juice, chili, onion, jalapenos, garlic and onion infused sour cream, and crushed chili cheese fritos .

Build Your Own — $5.00
Toppings however you like them!


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